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Since forever, SCORE provides Consulting Services focused on value for business. Our success is the customers full satisfaction, employees and shareholders.

Much more than a supplier, SCORE has established a true win-win partnership and relationships through innovation, quality, proximity and efficiency, adopting a proactive attitude to give the best answer to every concrete challenge.

Nothing pleases us more than to be recognized for working with the customer and not for the customer.

Successful and differentiating projects were the driving force for international development.

Coverage of the entire life cycle of projects

From the initial phase of current situation diagnosis to the consultancy for optimization of business processes, suggestion of the most indicated technological solution, allocation of necessary resources, management and implementation, architecture, integration, maintenance, evolution and support.

This way our customers can have a unique provider with a wide view and responsiveness at all stages.

Business knowledge and not just technology

SCORE team has a deep know-how of the specificities of key sectors of the economy such as finance (insurance and banking), Utilities, telecommunications, transports and public administration.

In this way SCORE can add value not only through technological skills and incorporation of good practices and methodologies, but also in the improvement of business processes. In fact, here lies all the difference between successful projects and those that drags in time and runs away from both the budget and the quality and the predicted time.

At SCORE the focus is on delivery, and to do so we must analyse the problem and do whatever it takes to solve it, being the understanding of the business a key piece.

Seniority and multidisciplinary

Our people have a profound experience and technological, functional and business know-how. They are the reason for customer satisfaction, loyalty and recommendation.

SCORE bet on their qualification, training and certification in the most recognized technologies and methodologies. In addition, they have critical soft-skills for good performance, from leadership capabilities to teamwork, responsibilization, organization and prioritization. SCORE have a low turnover rate, ensuring the reinforcement of internal competencies and the professional growth of employees.

All this guarantees high reliability and credibility in the market.

Confirmed experience in reference customers

SCORE works with companies of all dimensions and with the most various challenges, both in Portugal as overseas.

Leading companies in its segment, innovative startups and public entities that have repeatedly counted with SCORE to place its information systems at the service of the business.

Be it for guarantee the correct functioning of the SAP platform with Support 24/7, implement a sectoral solution, architect applications or design an analytical system, SCORE is strategically committed to ensuring the best results.

Need support of senior specialists in Consulting Services to ensure the best results for your projects?