Score Consulting, a national information systems consultant, announced the creation of SKOUTs – Skills & Knowledge Outsourcing with the mission of supporting clients to empower their teams with the skills and capacity needed to implement their digital transformation initiatives.

Integrated in the SCORE Consulting group, SKOUTs emerges as a response to market challenges, namely talent acquisition and hiring. The company will focus on three pillars of action: Outsourcing, Direct Hiring and Flex Hiring.

In terms of Outsourcing, the company intends to differentiate itself by agility and specialization, as a result of the vast experience of its consultants in the world of information technologies. In this field, SKOUTs brings not only technical knowledge, but also business knowledge, which allows it to bring additional value to its clients’ teams. With a strong Talent Acquisiton team, SKOUT’s aims to reduce the recruitment time of clients and Score Group.

Direct Hiring is the service in which the company, at the right time, can find the consultants with the ideal profile to reinforce the internal teams of the companies. Here, SKOUTs relies on the technical validation, soft skills, languages and culture of the candidate, making sure that it will have a perfect integration in the client’s team.

Finally, Flex Hiring, a model that allows consultants and clients, for a certain period of time, to collaborate, integrate the client’s teams, validate the acculturation by the consultants, and if there is interest from both parties, there may be a definitive hiring for our clients’ staff.

Nuno Nogueira will assume the position of Executive Director and will develop the company’s value proposition and energize the teams to find the best resources. Nuno Nogueira has more than 15 years of experience in the market and has worked for companies such as Altran and Novabase.

For Jorge Calado, Partner of Score Group, “the shortage of talent available in the labor market in the IT area is well known, and finding the right profile for companies is increasingly difficult. SKOUTs was created to take advantage of the more than 15 years of experience of the Score Consulting Group in this market, emerging as a logical step in the growing support that we want to give both to clients and to the market in general.”

Nuno Nogueira will assume the position of Executive Director of SKOUTs
Nuno Nogueira will assume the position of Executive Director of SKOUTs

For his part, Nuno Nogueira believes that the experience of the SKOUTs team, together with the know-how of the Score Consulting Group, will be the great differentiating factors of this new company. This will make it the right choice for companies looking for the right candidate.

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