Industry Solutions – SAP Public Sector

The development of citizen-centric programs and the improvement of public service maintaining controlled financial performance, challenges Governments and public organizations to set up transformation and modernization processes of the Public Administration.

With extensive experience in implementation projects and providing services in Central and Local Public Administration based on SAP Public Sector, SCORE has a solid experience and knowledge of SAP specific solutions to support the processes of business and Public sector requirements.

Score: SAP Services

Main areas of specialization in the SAP Public Sector area:

  • Budget and Commitment Management
  • Budget Accounting (SAP PSM-FM)
  • Estate Management (SAP AA e SAP RE)
  • Revenue and Collections Management (FI-CA)
  • Human Resources and Public Sector Payroll

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Industry Solutions – SAP Insurance

The context of the financial sector in recent years, has placed demands on insurance companies to develop programs focused on risk management and financial reporting, increasing the pressure for compliance with financial performance and efficient portfolio management.

SCORE, since its foundation, has developed several SAP implementations projects in the insurance industry based on SAP Insurance, allowing the development of competencies and specific knowledge about the financial processes and requirements Financial reporting regulations.

Score: SAP Services

Main areas of specialization in the SAP Insurance area:

  • Collection and complain management (SAP FS-CD)
  • Closing Operations and Financial Reporting (SAP Disclosure Management)
  • Portfolio and Investments Management (SAP CFM)
  • Real Estate and Income Management (SAP RE)

  • Contract Accounting (SAP Insurance Analyzer)

The new International Accounting standard IFRS 17 will represent the most significant change in the accounting requirements of insurers in recent years. Expected to be applied from January 2021, its dynamic and demanding requirements, will not have only implications in the insurers financial reporting but also operational impacts on all organization aspects.

Aware of this challenge, SCORE has been investing and developing skills and knowledge to support our customers in this transition challenge, particularly on SAP Insurance Analyzer (Insurance Contract Accounting) solutions and SAP Financial Product Subledger.

How can we help:

  • Architecture Definition and Roadmap;
  • Transition Program Management;
  • Solution SAP Insurance Analyzer Implementation;
  • Integration and adaptation with SAP ERP or S/4HANA.

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