SAP Partnership

The SCORE partnership with SAP is dating back to its foundation in 2005.

SCORE has followed the evolution of its solutions and we specialize in areas such as Insurance, Utilities and Public Administration. SCORE consultants are continuously trained in SAP technology and have the skills and competences to support at all stages of the projects. In addition to the implementation and support 24/7, we provide a strong consulting component, helping companies to address their business challenges through SAP solutions.

SCORE - SAP Service Partners

About SAP

Founded in 1972, and established in Portugal since 1993, SAP is at the heart of the technological revolution.

A leader in business applications, avoids complexity and creates opportunities for innovation and growth. With SAP technology, your company can predict, simulate and anticipate results in the digital economy. It manages to reinvent business models and promote new revenues, interconnecting people, devices and business networks.

These figures demonstrate a solid company committed to adapt its products to the change and dynamism of the market, justifying our SAP Partnership from the beginning:

  • 400.000+ customers in more than 180 countries
  • 80% of SAP clients are PME’s
  • 46 years of history and innovation
  • more than 100 innovation and development centres
  • 14.3% allocated in I&D on total revenues

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UiPath Partnership

In 2018 SCORE established the UiPath Partnership for the representation and development of its RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platform.

SCORE believes that our experience and knowledge in specific industries and business processes, combined with the ability to evaluate and implement solutions, will be critical to unlocking the full potential of digital transformation through greater efficiency operational and focus on value-added activities. SCORE provides a team capable of supporting customers to launch and implement the robotization initiative in their supported organization on the UiPath platform.

UiPath Partnership

About UiPath

Founded in 2005 and with offices in four countries (USA, UK, Romania and India), UiPath pioneered the development of RPA solutions and is currently one of the market-leading platforms (according to key analysts, Gartner, Forrester and Everest Group).

With the vision that human work should be creative and inspiring, its mission is to support companies to develop a digital work force, that allows eliminating business repetitive tasks and improving the operational quality.

The platform automates the processes between all applications and systems, whether internal or Internet-based, and have unique solutions for Citrix and SAP environments.

With more than 700 customers and 500 programmers dedicated to the development of the platform, the result of the growth and recognition of UiPath was their consideration as a Unicorn company in 2018, achieving a valuation of USD 1, 1b.

It is all this and much more that justifies the success of our UiPath Partnership.

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