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SCORE’s SAP partnership dates back to its founding in 2005.

We have followed the evolution of its solutions and specialized in areas such as Insurance, Utilities and Public Administration. SCORE consultants are continuously trained in SAP technology and have the ability to support all project phases. In addition to 24/7 implementation and support, we provide a strong consulting component, helping companies to address their business challenges through SAP solutions.

About SAP

Created in 1972 and with an office in Portugal since 1993, SAP is at the heart of the technological revolution.

A leader in enterprise applications, it avoids complexity and creates opportunities for innovation and growth. With SAP technology, your company can predict, simulate and anticipate results in the digital economy. It can reinvent business models and promote new revenues, connecting people, devices and business networks.

These numbers prove a solid company committed to adapting its products to the change and dynamism of the market, justifying our SAP partnership since the beginning:


In 2018 SCORE partnered with UiPath for the representation and development of its RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platform.

We believe that our experience and knowledge in specific industries and business processes, combined with the ability to evaluate and implement solutions, will be instrumental in unlocking the full potential of digital transformation through greater operational efficiency and focus on value-added activities.

We provide a team capable of supporting customers to launch and implement the robotization initiative in their organization supported by the UiPath platform.

About UiPath

Created in 2005 and with offices in 4 countries (USA, UK, Romania and India), UiPtah pioneered the development of RPA solutions and is currently one of the leading platforms in the market (according to leading analysts, Gartner, Forrester and Everest Group) .

With the vision that human work should be creative and inspiring, its mission is to support companies to develop a digital workforce that allows them to eliminate repetitive business tasks and improve operational quality.

The platform automates the processes between all applications and systems, whether internal or internet-based, and has unique solutions for Citrix and SAP environments.

With more than 700 customers and 500 developers dedicated to the development of the platform, the result of UiPath’s growth and recognition was its consideration as a Unicorn company in 2018, reaching a valuation of USD 1.1b.

It’s all this and more that justifies the success of our partnership with UiPath.


SCORE partnered with Okticket in 2020 to provide an effective expense management solution.

We believe that with this partnership we reinforce our value proposition and skills, in the domain of efficiency and digital transformation in organizations, incorporating in its offer an expense management tool that it considers revolutionary for companies.

We provide a consulting component capable of supporting the launch and implementation of Expense Management initiatives through Okticket solutions.

About Okticket

Founded in 2017, it soon gained the trust of more than 40,000 users.

Its design philosophy fits companies committed to agile digital solutions, which can be integrated with other technological tools already in use, and which are committed to people.

Okticket is born from the knowledge and experience of several partners and entities linked to the development of technological solutions.

It arises precisely from the identification of the market’s need for a digital and easy-to-use solution for Expense Management that allows, among other features, the optimization of the Reporting and Expense Management process.

Developed with the most recent technologies, special relevance is given to the user experience, considered as a key factor for the success of this type of solutions.

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