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SAP Infrastructure Management

We guarantee a 24×7 service

SCORE ensure its customers SAP infrastructure management and support to existing systems throughout the application life cycle (from installation to Upgrades and exploration).

Through the AlwaysOn service, SCORE provides a 24×7 service ensuring the safety and continuity of the customer’s business.

With a certified and high experiences team in SAP Infrastructure Management, SCORE ensures the systems and platforms performance, including required system upgrades and performance monitoring.

How can we help

Through AlwayOn service, SCORE ensures a 24×7 preventive service (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) to guarantee intervention readiness in low availability periods and alert to those responsible.

Service management is performed through its own online incident management tool, available to the customer at any time, enabling effective management and control at any time.

Who relies on us in SAP Infrastructure Management

Need support of senior specialist in SAP Infrastructure Management to ensure the best results for your projects?